To simplify the creation of offers, LOGO CRM has an additional document type to “Offer” - “Offer(pricelist)”. This document type is an additional feature and isn't included in the standard software suite.

With this document type you can centrally store pricelists, which lists prices for different products. An employee can simply pick the right pricelist, enter the amount and change a few settings for the offer and with a simple click a complete offer is created as a PDF document.

The advantage here is, that pricelists are stored centrally in LOGO CRM and can be looked after easily. After a price change, an employee can't offer the old price, since it is no longer availably in the CRM.

Prior to creating pricelist offers, the bases for this document type needs to be created in the administration area

Core data spreadsheet "Pricelist Types"

In LOGO CRM you can create different types of pricelists and store multiple pricelists for one type.

Pricelist types could be national or international, the stored pricelists for those types could include different sectors (package delivery, logistics services, ocean freight, …).

First, create one or more pricelist types in the administration area.

Choose a name for your pricelist type, select which employees can use this type (via the access rights) and decide, if the prices may be change for this type. Save the type. The saved pricelist types will now be shown in list view and can be selected when you create a new pricelist.

Open the core data spreadsheet “Default Pricelists” an select “Create new Pricelist” via the action links.

Choose a headline for the new pricelist, select to which pricelist type it belongs and set availability and access rights. Finally add the payment and shipping conditions which will later be shown in your finished document. Now you can add products into the spreadsheet below by clicking the button “Add”.

Depending on your entries in the core data spreadsheet products, the column “Products” offers different entries. If necessary, add unit of measurement, single price and/or currency. Continue in this manner until all the products you need in your pricelist are included.

Your finished pricelist could look like this

All created pricelist are listed in the overview.

This spreadsheet lists products, that you can select in documents and potentials. The same list is also used for pricelists.

For each product you can select the division as well as the price and currency.

If a price is included for the product, it will automatically be suggested when making a new pricelist. This speeds up the process even more.

For the final offer document you can choose headers and footers. Please note that these are not the usual header and footers, but more a text that comes before or after the price spreadsheet. Here you can add the standard texts which are normally included in your companies offers.

Multiple such texts can be saved and chosen when creating an offer.