Zip Code Routine

In LOGO CRM you have the option of automatically assigning a customer to an employee or a branch based on his zip code. This is possible when creating the customer or at any later date, for example when the sales area has changed or new employee are hired in the sales department.

A customer can have one or more employees in charge (“Owner”). One of the owners must be the main owner. An Owner can be either an employee or a part of the company (departments, branches). These ownerships can regulate the viewing rights of a customer file.

It is possible to mark one or more owners as “Userfix”. These owners will not be removed or overwritten by the zip routine. This can be necessary if, for example, the employee cares for the customer personally, even if he is not in that employees “zip code area”.

It is possible to define multiple routines, for example one for new customers and one for customers already in the database.

You can create a routine in the administration area under zip routine. Click on the action link “Create a new Zip-Routine”. A routine can be selected as standard to sort newly created customers. Simply Click the check box “Use routine for new customers“. Upon creation of a new customer the system automatically sets ownership, depending on which zip code is entered for the customer and also on what routines are already created.

In the show/edit screen of the routine all created assignments are shown.

You can create a new assignment by clicking on the light blue triangle. In such an assignment not only is the zip code area defined but also the owner role (Main owner, owner, Userfix…). To prevent problems with roles that can only be assigned once, a role has to be created that can be used multiple times. Please check with the roles created and stored in the database and, if need be, adjust them.

In the show screen of a routine you can choose, if all assignments of this routine should be executed.

If only one routine should be executed for a given zip area, open the assignment and click on “Only execute this assignment”.

The routine checks, if any customer addresses (all addresses of a customer) are in the defined zip area. Once a customer is in that zip area, the defined EOS-element (employee, department…) is applied as an owner. If the customer already has an owner, it is changed to the new one. Also, if a comment is saved inside the routine, that comment will be applied to the owner. This allows you to see, if the owner was manually or automatically assigned.

A routine can have as many owners for the same zip area as you want. That means, a customer can be assigned multiple owners through the zip routine. Please note that a customer can only have one main owner. Ideally the super user has already taken care of creating multiple owner roles to avoid conflict.

Once a routine has assigned the fitting owner or owners to a customer, all other owners are deleted, except if the owner

  • is Userfix
  • is main owner but the owner assigned by the routine isn't
  • has just been assigned by the current routine