Mailing manager

LOGO CRM has a marketing tool that allows you to send mass e-mail directly from within the software.

The recipient list can be arranged through the intern queries, which simplifies the work process. You can use the internally stored information about a customer for that, for example the mailing category, the customer status, country, contact functions, comments etc.

The mailing is send through the CRM and thus the send status is always checkable.

The mailing will also be attached to every recipient, so it is later always possible to check, who got which mailing.

First you create a general report for all contacts who are going to receive the mailing. Those may, for example, all contacts from Germany who are CEO's. Or all contacts from a customer with the status potential customer. Or all contacts with the mailing category “Advertisement mailing”

The general report must include the column e-mail address as well as every column you later want to use with text markers for the e-mail text. Save the general report once you are satisfied with the results.

Open the module “Mailings” and click on the action link “Create new entry”. Give mailing a name (title) and choose a sender (this doesn't need to be the creator). Click on the disk to save and edit your mailing. In the tab “Recipient” choose your saved general report (or create a new general report).

Now your recipients will be shown in the list.

If a contact or a customer has a mailing restriction, the check box in “Sent” will be unchecked.

You can exclude other contacts easily by simply unchecking “Sent”.

In the “E-mail” tab you can now enter the E-Mails subject as well as the content.

As with all other HTML-Boxes, you can use styles and format your text, as well as include links.

In the area “Bookmarks” you are offered different markers you can include in your mailing, for example “Dear Mister” Surname, “Greetings from Düsseldorf to” company city.

Put your bookmarks in square brackets and insert them into your text, depending on where you want them.

You can also insert images or add attachments to your mailings.

Once you are done creating your mailing, save. You have the option to send a test mailing in order to make sure your mailing has been formatted correctly. Simply put the recipient address into the “Send testmail” field and hit send. The field can be found in the first tab “All”.

In the tab “Completion” you can create your mailing by checking the box for “Create document mailing“ and send it to all recipients by clicking the button „Send and finish mailing“.

The internal e-mail client of LOGO CRM is now delivering the mailing. After some time, the status of delivery can be seen in the recipient list.

Here you can see if the mail was sent successfully. In the case of a mailing not being delivered properly, you receive a “Non-Delievery-Report”.

This report is returned to the CRM, where you can see to which recipient the mailing was unsuccessful. Details concerning the error are also available here.

This way you can see, if the mailbox of your recipient was full, the e-mail is non-existent or the domain is wrong. This leads to a better control of the information in LOGO CRM and gives you the chance to correct wrong information easily.

After the mailing has been sent, it appears in the customer files of all recipients. In the newest version, only one document containing the mailing is created for a customer, even if more contacts of one customer where in the mailing. All contacts will be listed in the mailing document.

You can very easily see, which customers/contacts have received which mailing by filtering the document list for the document type “Mailing”.

If you often send mailings to the same group of recipients, send the same mailing to different groups of recipients or even the same mailings with minimal changes, LOGO CRM has solutions for you.

You can download the recipient list of your mailing as a .csv file. In it you can see customer, e-mail address, and the value of the columns “sent“ and “status“

You can also get a preview before sending the mailing, so you can see how the mailing looks with filled in bookmarks.