Lists and tables

You will see a list view in each module of LOGO CRM. This table provides you the most important actions of the respective module. The controls can be found in the area „Action links“.

The displayed columns can be hidden by clicking on the „settings-button“ and by removing the check-mark of the respective column.

You can change the view of the tables by clicking on the list button.

The administration area is only accessible for super users.

Each list view in LOGO CRM contains a number of filters. The filters are adapted to the contents of the lists and the needs of the users. You can find them on the top right by clicking on settings.

With filters, you can restrict the number of shown elements. You can, for examply, only show customers with a certain zip code, or only show documents with a specific type.

Every filter consists of two fields: the restriction field and the content field. In the restriction field you select the kind of restriction you want to set (e.g. „contains“ or „begins with“). In the content field you enter the search query (e.g. the company name or a zip code).

You can combine as many filters as you want. Once finished, click on filter. The results shown are restricted by your filters. The system saves your filter settings, so will always be able to return to your filter during a work session. Once you log out of LOGO CRM, the filters are reset.

If you want to return to the full view, a simple click on „reset filters“ will remove the filters and you are shown the full list again.

You can also save your filters so you can use them again. Enter your filters and click on „save filter“. Enter a filter name (e.g. „Customers: A“), choose an icon for your filter and click on save.

The new filter is now shown above your table. Clicking on „All“ will show you the complete table once again.

If a list or table is not showing the content you expect, check to see if any filters are set!

The regex-filter allows the use of regular expressions in the filter condition and is part of the standard version of LOGO CRM since 2020.

This filter is especially valuable for administrators and super users in order to implement more complex requirements in queries.

A good description of regular expressions as state of the art technology can be found here https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/1034324?hl=en