Opportunity generator

An additional feature in LOGO CRM is the opportunity generator. It allows you to quickly add multiple opportunities to a customer.

Users of LOGO CRM save details of their customers into the database, like what countries their shipments are in, what kind of packaging or loading equipment they work with, what kind of products they use and so on. All of these information is stored in opportunities and can be queried across customers. The mask to enter opportunities has many field and it takes time to fill it out. If there is a need to create many opportunities at once, it seems too much work to open a window for each one and fill in the fields only to save and repeat. Also, if opportunities are mostly similar but have differences in a few fields, they also must be created individually. This can also seem bothersome.

Opportunities should be created fast and easy. The important fields should be noticeable at once. A large list of opportunities should also be created fast. Similar opportunities shouldn't be created separately but instead with a template where only few details have to be changed.

There is a mask for the straightforward creation of opportunities in LOGO CRM.

This mask can be found in different locations throughout the application:

  • Action link in the customer screen

  • Tab “Opportunities” in a customer report
  • Action link in “Shipment flow”

After clicking on the action link, the mask for fast entries of opportunities opens in a new browser window. The contents of this mask can be defined in the administration area by a super user.

In this window you can add new opportunities and view them. Only the information that are known or relevant have to be entered. There are no required fields.

With multiple, similar opportunities, only the value that changes has to be edited, all others can be copied. For that, simply edit the value and click click “Add”. In the table view down below values can also be changed by clocking into the field an entering the new value.

A click on the disk saves all new opportunities. Every row in the list is turned into a new opportunity. For every new opportunities the logged in user is automatically the owner.

The opportunities are now visible in the Tab “Shipment flow” (in the customer file) as well as the module “Shipment flow”, and an be edited and used from here. It is always possible to changed and work with an opportunity created using the generator. The module Shipment flow allows you to find and sort opportunities using filtering and sorting.

In general reports you use all values of opportunities in your query.

If you open the generator from a contact report, the opportunities saved will be sorted to this report.

The fields available for the generator can be put together by the super user in the administration area.

The order of the fields (from top to bottom) determines the order of the field in the opportunity generator ( from left to right).