The Sidebar

Your daily routine will be simplified by LOGO CRM's sidebar. From anywhere within the application you can see information an short messages, search for and create new database entries, download or print information about the current customer, quickly reach your last viewed or created item and keep a collection of bookmarks from around the web at hand.

On every page of the application the sidebar is visible, containing six elements

  • Infopanel
  • Short Messages
  • Quickcreate
  • Recent Items
  • Print View
  • Favorites

Here you can see – for example – the latest information to an upcoming task

Inside some objects – such as customers – you can seen short messages. If you follow a customers short messages, they will show up here if a new one is created.

This area helps you to quickly create often used elements or document types. This could be an offer, a new customer, a spot quote, a contact report etc.

There are different elements in the area quickcreate. Click on one to select it and then enter the available or needed information into the provided fields.

An especially useful tool in LOGO CRM are the recent items in the sidebar. Here you can see the last 10 items you created, edited or viewed. The symbols show if the item is a customer, a document, an appointment or a task.

You can display an element by clicking at it once. So you will always have a quick access to costumers,who you invoke frequently. This list won’t be deleted after logging out of the application, so you will always see, what you have worked on the last time,after the restart.

The feature „Recent items“ allows you a quick and an easy access on certain elements on the one hand and some kind of a report of your work on the other hand.

In this area you can quickly create a PDF of a customer file. This way you'll easily receive all recorded information of a customer.

In “Setup” you can bookmark internal or external links. This way you can quickly switch to them through the area “Favorites”.

You can close the sidebar an the toolbar by a click on the zoom symbol in the upper right hand corner. If you want to show it again, click on the zoom symbol once more.