Task generator

The task generator in LOGO CRM is used to create multiple tasks to a customer or a contact report. With this tool, you no longer have to create each task individually but the creation is simplified. Often you will want to assign different tasks to employees after creating a contact report. With the task generator you can pick and choose easily, which tasks are created for a contact report. It is an alternative to the automatically created tasks to a contact report. The function of the module “Visit planing” is not affected. All not finished or close tasks will still be shown. The task generator is an additional feature and isn't included in the standard software suite.

The task generator can be found in different places throughout the application

  • In the action links of the customer screen or the task list itself

  • In the contact report under the tab Task List through clicking on the light blue triangle

Open the task generator.

You can edit the task to your wishes. Once you have finished with your selections, you can add the task to the save list by clicking the “Add” button.

After adding a task, it will be shown in the save list. You can create and add as many tasks as you wish before continuing.

Additionally, you can edit an entry in the list. To do that, simply click on what you wish to edit and enter your new text.

To save all the tasks in your list at once, click on the disk.

After saving, you'll be taken to an overview of your saved tasks.

The tasks created with the generator can be used the same way as normally created tasks. They appear in the task list of a customer or in the customer overview separately.

If you want to mark a task in your generator as finished, first open the task form the list with a click. Select “No” in the field “Closed” and then check the box in your task. Save the list by clicking the disk. Now the task will be shown as finished and no longer appear in open tasks.