Creating a lead

LOGO CRM offers an extensive customer file but also the option of entering new contact details quickly, where it's not clear if this lead is ever going to become a customer. You can gather business card details, fair and other contacts. That way, contact information doesn't get lost, but also won't factor into statistics and customer lists. The screen to create a Lead is the same as for a customer, only the required fields are different. Here, only company name and last name of the contact are required. That way you can enter and save incomplete contact details.

The screen to create a lead can be opened via the menu in quick create.

You will find a list with leads in the module “My Apps” or in the toolbar, if you have activated the element. Similarly to the customer-list, you can create a new lead via the action links.

If a lead turns into a customer later, you can simply convert him in LOGO CRM.